The HCMR blue energy team (under its role as coordinator of the Greek HUB for Blue Energy) explores wider synergies with the research community and for that reason considers that a session within the 12th Panhellenic Symposium of Oceanography and Fisheries dedicated to Blue Energy in the Mediterranean would reveal mutual benefits for all the involved stakeholders. For that reason, capitalizing the expertise from PELAGOS project as well as previous research on MRE, the HCMR group for Blue Energy has already invited respectable speakers who have deposited their abstracts and will coordinate the relative session. The Symposium on “Blue Growth for the Adriatic – Ionian Macroregion and the Eastern Mediterranean”  will take place on Corfu island, from 30 May – 03 June 2018.

Panhellenic Symposium of Oceanography & Fisheries